Indata Control

What is Indata Control?

Indata Control is a tool in Aiolos Forecasting Studio, designed to manage data quality issues. This module identifies bad data and provides users with options for remediation, such as data deletion, replacement with forecasted values, or interpolation. The latest version, Indata Control 2.0, enhances support for renewable energy forecasts by automating the detection of unavailability periods.

Does everyone have use of Indata Control?

The necessity of Indata Control extends across all users. Despite existing data management processes within Aiolos, this tool adds significant value in two key ways:

  1. It serves as a failsafe mechanism in cases where internal data management processes may fall short.
  2. Even when historical data is accurate, it may not always be optimal for retraining forecasting models. Thus, employing Indata Control not only enhances data quality for current forecasts but also indirectly improves historical data used in model training.

In summary, Indata Control plays a critical role in enhancing the effectiveness of forecasting within Aiolos,