Welcome to a webinar regarding hydro power forecasts and optimization.

Vitec Energy is one of Europe's leading providers of forecasting and optimization systems. Approximately 100 of Europe's largest energy companies utilize our forecasting system, Aiolos, for their short- and long-term predictions.

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We would like to invite you to a hydropower webinar where we will present our forecasting system, Aiolos, and demonstrate how we use it to forecast and optimize hydropower production. 

The agenda is as follows:
-    Presentation of the Aiolos interface.
-    How we handle input data to ensure the quality of data is high.
-    How we employ AI and machine learning to enhance forecast quality.
-    Getting started with the use of Aiolos and a general Q&A session.
The webinar is free of charge. 
6th of September 2024 at 14.00 CEST
Where - Online – Teams
How to sign on? 
Questions? Contact Kristoffer Roger, Kristoffer.Roger@vitecsoftware.com +46 70 300 2546