Aiolos Forecast Studio 11.0

A major release with some big new features. 212 updates and fixes from the last version of Aiolos Forecast Studio has been performed.

Indata Control

Indata Control is a new cleaning function in Aiolos Forecast Studio to find and handle outliers and bad data, to be used to improve the forecast quality.

  • New tab in Aiolos to the left of the Home tab.
  • New version of data storage (.aio14) to handle changes and flags
  • Automatic finding of data boundaries levels with Autofinder
  • Control of Home Live files or other extracts as progfiles.
  • 18 different algorithms to find bad data including level changes in the portfolio stock and unscheduled maintenance stops.
  • Setup of automatic actions for different kind of errors
  • Setup of email notification for different warning levels
  • Indata Control is a paid feature. Please contact for more information on how to get a trial period.

Integrated weather client 

Improved handling of weather forecasts with an intuitive GUI in the config tab.

  • Direct API transfer from Aiolos central weather storage to forecast series in Aiolos
  • GUI with a map interface for search of new weather stations for new forecast series.
  • Possibility to set rules on distances to weather points
  • Possibility to set a length of historical weather data for each weather point

Real time measurements wind/solar 

New API connection to Bazefield for import of measurements and settlement data.

  • Real time data
  • Planned maintenance
  • Historic maintenance
  • Measured weather at plant site


  • Possibility to set Time and Percentiles as Startup-values in config.
  • Zips in the background in a separate thread makes it possible to work in AFS meanwhile the configuration is zipped
  • Possibility to reach these lovely release notes from the Info page in File 😉 .

Home and View

  • Improved sorting by volume
    • Works at startup without pre creating a forecast
    • Use to find the largest series by sorting by energy volume
    • Can be used in combination with Fractions
    • Can be used as default startup view or temporarily used
    • Can be used on multiple levels in the tree
  • Messages are nowadays stored as objects instead of plain text, which improves the possibility to group and present for example forecast messages in a more readable manner
  • Weather weights are now presented and can be changed in the Home Tab
  • Forecast calculations are running in the background despite Data Check warnings, in order to save time
  • In the View Tab, for forecast validations based on time, it´s possible to set an offset in days from a Day Type. For example, to find days around easter and not only the easter days.

Follow up

  • Simple reweight in Follow Up for normalized weather providers weighting. Just right click on a forecast series in the series tree.


  • New config tab for data boundaries connected to the new Indata Control & AQS feature
  • Improvements in the user interface for LoadImport.
  • Enhanced time settings functionality
    • New button for test of Import protocols
  • Improvements in the user interface for LoadExport.
    • Enhanced time setting functionality
    • New button for test of Export protocols
  • When using templates for filtering in the Config table, it’s now also possible to get all filtered forecast series marked in the series tree
  • New tool in File studio called AioResConverter that can convert files from hourly resolution to quarterly values in the file.
  • New DayType rule, daynumber in month, daytype in month

Miscellaneous Funktions

  • Weather improvements as
    • Faster imports with direct API from Vitecs weather database
    • More weather parameters in .aio12 files with up to 32 parameters from each provider
    • New providers/models 2020
  • MosMix (DWD)
  • All providers available within the AI Model Collection


  • Improvements in our AI/ML models regarding
    • Calculation time
    • Easier to implement
  • New AI I Hydro model
    • Snow cover
    • Runoff amount
  • Our new AI models can now use external models as input to our AI models
  • Now supports up to 66 weather stations as input to the AI Collection Models
  • Our AI-models are prepared to handle different data flags from Indata Control or imported:
    • Trusted values
    • Quarantined values