Aiolos Forecast Studio 11.1

11.1 is a minor release with a few new features. Main aim with the release has been to clean up and solve old problems and to improve ML Models. 61 updates and fixes from the last version of Aiolos Forecast Studio has been performed.

Real time measurements wind/solar

New API connection to Greenbyte. In 11.0 we created a connection to Bazefield in 11.1 we expand the possibility with a connection to Greenbyte.

  • Real time measurements of data
  • Planned maintenance
  • Historic maintenance
  • Measured weather at plant site


  • A new layout has been implemented with each of the tabs System Settings and User Settings has been divided into several sub tabs. This makes it easier to add more controls later.

Indata Control

  • New sorting order has been added that first sort by error size and then group so that all errors for one forecast series is displayed together with the one with highest rank.

Home and View

  • Passed end date as a warning will now be displayed in Messages not only is a right click in tree.
  • If “Always Show history” is ticked under the General tab in File -> System settings then history will be triggered to be shown directly when entering a forecast series in the tree in home tab.


  • Automatic “Find in grid”. When marking a forecast series in tree the same series shall automatically be marked in grid.
  • When using Master data sync now .aio14 files will be default value instead of .aio1

Miscellaneous functions 

  • New API for YR implemented
  • Development quality improvements with more cases for automatic testing.


  • AI multivariate model with multiple outputs allows for simultaneous forecasts for a number of series, which improves calculation performance considerably.
  • Significantly improved calculation performance for Aiolos AI I models.
  • Model weighting
  • New weather independent AI I Industry model